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While it may not be directly related to Smokey’s Gardens the crop dusters around here are having a field day here in Coldwater. (pun intended). It is really kind of amazing what these stunt pilots do. If you haven’t seen them drop at a treeline and spray until the next fence row it is very impressive. I was unable to get a good video but I did find this one on YouTube that demonstrates what they do. Feel free to check it out or ignore, your call. Here is the link if you are interested. https://youtu.be/aq5fnUQIBHY This video shows just how close they get to the ground while navigating power lines and trees while spraying the blueberries, soybeans, corn and other crops. I have to say I am very impressed.

I promised more wild flowers and here is what I found.

I took several others but they were nowhere as dramatic as what you have seen already. It would appear that yellows and purples dominate the side of the roads these days. As to the weather, after the heavy rains it dried up almost immediately here. The soil is primarily sand and the steady breeze was the key ingredient. It’s nice to be able to get into the garden so quickly and get back to planting the Daylilies.

With labor day right around the corner it feels very much like the end of summer around here. Cool nights and warm days feel like they are embracing the coming autumn. This is a great time of year as folks get in the last picnics and gatherings before huddling up for the winter. Boats are being winterized and taken out of the water and the kids are back in school. It feels like a time to make a point of enjoying the warm breezes before they turn bitter cold.

As to our show gardens, here is an interesting take on preparing that raised bed you have wanted for some time but have been leery to take on because the ground likes to stay wet longer than you might like. Notice that where the dirt was removed to provide a path it was then added to the area where the plants will reside.

Sedum, a long-term standby, are plants that have water storing leaves and flowers that for this variety turn from pink to red as they mature. This is a perennial plant that holds the flower and looks good through the winter.

And last but certainly not least the sunflowers are ready to give up their seeds. It doesn’t matter to them whether you prefer to eat them or save them for planting next year. Nowhere does it say you cannot do both.

So here is the video of our ongoing compost pile.

And here is the way the show gardens look today.

The coleus, aka poor man’s croton or painted nettle comes in a variety of leaf colors and is quite distinctive. It is considered to be a tender perennial but is normally treated as an annual. They are easy to propagate so there is no need to purchase plants every year as long as you collect the seeds from your existing plants.

I hope everyone is well and prepared for the next leg of the year and all that entails. Love your flowers and let them love you back. Enjoy the health benefits of wandering through the garden. You might be surprised at how much energy you expend while walking or working there, not to mention the mental health it will provide. Spend as much time as you can outside while you can still enjoy the warm weather. As the old cowboy song goes “Happy trails to you until we meet again”.

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