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It’s official, spring starts today. Of course, this brings on a considerable cheer and applause from most. With a mark on the calendar, it’s easy to get excited about the upcoming growing season. If you are planning to do some landscaping this year, we suggest you consider grabbing the Black Eyed Stella in bulk. This cultivar, along with Stella De Oro are exceptional for filling in large areas. And, they both produce near-continuous blooms providing plenty of color.

The Black Eyed Stella is the result of over three thousand hybrid crosses and has been rated excellent for growth in eight zones across the United States and Canada. Whether you need to fill in a section of your yard or commercial property, buying Black Eyed Stella in bulk is the way to go. From 10 fans up to 1,000, the more you purchase, the less you pay per fan, making this daylily a cost-efficient landscaping plant.

If you are wondering why daylilies make such a fantastic addition to your landscaping here are a few reasons:

Require very little maintenance

Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures

Help prevent soil erosion

Inexpensive compared to other landscaping plant options

Incorporating Black Eyed Stella or Stella De Oro into your landscape will prove to be a great choice. If you are interested in ordering any of our bulk daylilies, feel free to place an order now, however, they will not ship until our shipping season starts the first part of May. In addition to the Black-Eyed Stella, and Stella De Oro, we offer assorted specialty lots at bulk pricing. ***We will start our 2019 shipping the beginning of May.***



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