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Now that the clocks have been turned back, days are noticeably shorter. For the majority of the nation, the shorter days mean cold, blustery weather is right around the corner. During the winter months do you find yourself dreaming of spring and growing season so that you can view your daylilies in full bloom? If you are like most daylily enthusiasts, you wait with high anticipation for the snow to disappear and your daylilies to make their entrance. What are supposed to do with months of winter ahead? Why not check out a few books about daylilies. Heavily illustrated, these books should help keep your mind off winter and on the beauty that awaits your garden next year.

The first three titles are by author, Oliver Billingslea

The Open Form Daylily

The Illustrated Guide to Daylilies

Landscaping with Daylilies

The following three books are by Ted L. Petit and John P. Peat

The Color Encyclopedia of Daylilies

The New Encyclopedia of Daylilies: More Than 1700 Outstanding Selections

The Daylily: A Guide for Gardeners

These last titles are by various authors

Double Daylilies by Scott Elliott

Judging Daylilies in the Garden by Scott Elliott and Lois Hart

Judging Daylilies-Exhibition (2018 update) by Scott Elliott and Lois Hart

Daylilies-A Fifty-Year Affair: The Story of a Society and its Flowers by Frances Gatlin

All of these books are available online.

Even though winter is unavoidable, with these on your bookshelf, you will have plenty of material to get through the cold months. Before you know it, the daylilies you have been dreaming of will be blooming once again.

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