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Even though most grateful for the arrival of spring, there are gardeners who find the first several weeks of the growing season rather lackluster due to the minimal color throughout one’s yard. Fortunately for daylily growers, there are several cultivars considered extra early bloomers, often noted with the blooming sequence EE that can bring a variety of colors to early springtime. The daylilies with this characteristic are the first to blossom with bloom times ranging from March or April in the extreme South to May or June in the North. Here are a few extra early bloomers to help get some color back in your garden:

New Paradigm 

An award-winning beauty. This daylily is a very fragrant rebloomer that is yellow with an appliqued burgundy eye above a green throat. 2013 Honorable Mention. Flower diameter is 6.5”.



Thunder And Blazes

Here is a rebloomer with an extra early bloom time that is also a nocturnal bloomer. It is yellow with a wine eyezone and gold edge above a chartreuse throat. Flower diameter is 7”.


John Hawkins

Another rebloomer. This one is pink in color with a violet-black eye and edge above a bright spring green throat. Flower diameter is 6.25”.



Yellow Bouquet

This award winner is a fragrant rebloomer that is a light yellow self. It is also a double. 1991 Honorable Mention. Flower diameter is 3”.



Gutsy Grape

A stunning rebloomer with extended blooms. It is a grape color with a cream watermark and edge above a green throat. Flower diameter is 5.5”.



Interested in searching for additional extra early bloomers? Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Go to the “All Daylilies” page


Step 2: Scroll down the page and click the “More Search Options” button


Step 3: Once on the “Advance Search” page scroll down to “Bloom Time” section and click the button next to Extra Early and then click the “Go” button

This advanced search option is useful whenever you are wanting to discover daylilies by specific characteristics or description details. Hopefully, this tool will help you find the perfect daylilies for your garden.

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