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This time of year most of us have plenty of leaf piles on the ground. Some have mountains. It is expected, when the temperatures drop so do the leaves, then a laborious cleanup begins. This is a yearly ritual most homeowners experience as an autumnal chore. Are you one of the many who rakes the fallen leaves and disposes of them? If so, there is another approach to “clean up,” that will eliminate having to rake the leaves then bag or burn them. Shred the leaves and use them as a mulch. Using this leaf removal method, you gain an essential resource for your garden. One advantage to this approach is it’s easy.

Instead of raking the leaves into piles, use a lawn mower or leaf mulcher and shred the fallen leaves. Once cut up, apply a layer of the leaves around any plants or beds that will be exposed to the winter weather. Be sure not to apply the layer too thick, as this could lock in excessive moisture and damage plants that are susceptible to rot and fungal diseases.

If there is mulch leftover add it to a compost bin or bag it up to use for next spring’s planting and mulching needs. You may also want to leave a thin layer of the shredded leaves on your lawn as they make an excellent nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

No need to waste this valuable resource every fall. Shredding leaves for mulch is not only simple, it will also save you money and time on your garden and lawn care.


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