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Whether it be by air or car, winter and holiday travel can be understandably stressful for most people. This time of year millions of folks take to the highways and airways in hope of spending the holidays with family and loved ones.

If you intend to tackle some holiday traveling here are a few tips that may reduce your stress levels and have you in the holiday spirit once you arrive at your destination.

Driving Tips:

Take your car in for a checkup. This maintenance will help ensure your vehicle is winter ready, and the tires are properly inflated.

Check your desired route for any roadwork or traffic issues. Be prepared for changes along your journey.

Pack a winter kit that includes drinkable water, jumper cables, blankets, flashlights, phone charger, first aid supplies, and sand or cat litter to assist with traction.

Make frequent rest stops. These opportunities will give you a chance to stretch your legs and clear your mind, improving your mental alertness when getting back out on the road.

Flying Tips

Pack your luggage a few days in advance. Doing so will provide you with the chance to review everything and make certain your items are packed appropriately and meet government guidelines.

Leave an extra hour earlier. As difficult as it is getting through an airport in a timely manner throughout the year, during the holidays this can become quite a feat. Give yourself the extra hour to get through check-in and security without cutting your time too close for boarding your plane.

Stretch your legs if you are embarking on an extended flight to help prevent the possibility of developing deep vein thrombosis. If at all possible, stretch your arms and legs throughout your flight.

May you have safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!


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