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With the holidays officially over and the gloomy days of winter upon us, it is often difficult to find a bright spot during the frosty months of the year. So, when the forecast is filled with cold, wintry warnings, there is nothing better than settling in, grabbing a hot coffee or cocoa and viewing a few of our daylilies to warm the dreary days.

Pink Snow Flakes

Waking up on a chilly morning and looking out the window to find pink snowflakes would make for an exciting, colorful winter. Even though its name is fitting for the cold weather, the flower’s subtle shades invoke the sweet charm of spring. This mesmerizing daylily is a pale pink self with a pale green throat. It is ruffled and recurved with lightly pinched petals. The flower diameter is 7.5”.


Beauty Forecast

The good news is winter will not last forever, and soon the forecast will be filled with clear skies and warm days. This beauty is sure to bring a smile to your face and provide you with a glimpse of the upcoming more temperate seasons. Beauty Forecast is a pink self with a peach throat and a flower diameter of 7”.


Cheerful Days

Although the skies may be cloudy and grey for long stretches during winter, one look at this gorgeous flower and your day is certain to be brighter. Cheerful Days is the perfect name for this fragrant rebloomer. It is a creamy pink blend with a rose eyezone and yellow to green throat. Flower diameter is 4”.


Hello Sunshine

Even when the sun does not seem to make much of an appearance this time of year, checking out Hello Sunshine, a bright and cheery blossom, will bring warmth to your day. This very fragrant rebloomer is a lemon yellow self with a green throat. It is ruffled and has extended blooms. The flower diameter is 5.5”.


Envisioning these splendors in the warmer months certainly will brighten even the gloomiest days of winter. If you need an extra bit of hope, the days are already getting longer and the first day of spring is only 77 days away.


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