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With Christmas behind us, we look to renew our goals for the upcoming new year. Although there are the typical resolutions such as getting healthy, finding a new job, traveling more and so forth, we thought we would share with you resolutions perfect for any gardener. The good news is these resolutions are not difficult to keep and you do not have to wait until the warmer months to get started.


  1. Hang bird feeders
  2. Build a compost pile
  3. Order seeds
  4. Plan out your garden
  5. Join a gardening group (online or in-person)


  1. Plant flowers
  2. Continue working on a compost pile
  3. Share seeds or seedlings with fellow gardeners
  4. Join a gardening group
  5. Pour birdseed as necessary into your feeders


  1. Plant plenty of flowers for pollinators
  2. Take breaks often while gardening
  3. Enjoy your time outside as much as possible
  4. Use grass clippings in your compost pile
  5. Stop and smell the flowers


  1. Rake, mulch leaves and utilize in gardening beds
  2. Save seeds from plants that can be used the following planting season
  3. Enjoy the change of season
  4. Prepare yard and beds for the upcoming winter
  5. Think about your resolutions and goals for next year


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