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Coldwater, Michigan – April 4, 2017 – Smokey’s Gardens announced today that it is celebrating the company’s ten-year anniversary with an expansion and the addition of new product offerings for its customers. The expansion is designed to further facilitate the daylily company’s commitment to providing its patrons with the largest selections of the highest-quality unique daylily products in the market today. It has also added free shipping for minimum orders of $50; in an industry that often tacks on high shipping and handling fees.


Tackling All Four Corners of the Market

A decade ago, the founders of Smokey’s Gardens took on the challenge of launching a new business in the highly-fragmented daylily industry. Back then, much of the industry was comprised of gardeners who grew and sold their daylilies as a hobby and a fun way to supplement their income. Smokey’s founders took a different approach – treating it as a full-time business and focusing on achieving economy of scale while providing value and quality for all their customers.

According to company representatives, a large part of Smokey’s strategic planning involved cornering every aspect of the daylily market by growing their operation quickly so that they could offer an incredible selection, expedient service, and great prices. That approach allowed Smokey’s to offer daylilies that fit the needs of not only the home gardener but also large scale wholesalers and landscapers.

From Fireplaces to Flowers

Smokey’s Gardens was born when the owners of an Indiana fireplace company called Old Smokey’s decided to take on a business opportunity that could provide income during the fireplace industry’s slow summer months. The idea of a marketable product that multiplies almost entirely on its own when given the right amount of time and space sounded like an ideal scenario, so they took the leap and bought some daylilies.

They then developed equipment and processes that made planting and harvesting the daylilies as efficient as possible, and soon found themselves expanding their operations. They acquired several daylily farms and increased their growing capacity significantly, but soon found that their operations were so spread out that their unique, efficient heavy equipment could not be efficiently utilized at all of the company’s locations.

This prompted the company’s owners to relocate the farm to a large, flat 38-acre property in Coldwater, Michigan that provided the opportunity for expansion that Smokey’s needed. More importantly, bringing all their operations to one place enabled them to more effectively utilize their revolutionary daylily planting and harvesting equipment.

Going Big(ger)

As Smokey’s enjoys this ten-year milestone, the company’s growth continues with an expansion to a full 70-acres of land use. That increased area will enable Smokey’s to increase its product offerings and add new hybrids that have been developed by the company’s team. And, as always, the company’s unique processes will enable it to continue to offer these daylily products at the low prices for which Smokey’s has become so well-known.

Smokey’s Team Makes the Difference

The impeccable work environment and skilled leadership at Smokey’s means that each employee is dedicated to the farm’s overall goals. They are all committed to offering the best products to their customers at the best prices, and with the best service. From the front office to the fields and everywhere in-between, you’ll hear the Smokey’s motto: We do things that others won’t do so that, later, we can do things that others can’t do. This is reflected in everything from the stellar selection and high quality plants to the company’s website model, 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping, and lifetime replacement policy.

The Next Step in Smokey’s Continued Expansion

The next step in Smokey’s evolution involves not only daylilies, but hostas as well. A high-demand, shade-loving perennial plant, the growing of hostas translates well into Smokey’s current daylily farming practices and makes them a natural addition and perfect complement to the company’s dayliliy offerings. Smokey’s has been testing these hostas by offering them to local customers, and will be expanding their hosta sales online in the future, now that they’ve perfected the art of growing and harvesting these popular plants – Smokey’s style.

To learn more about Smokey’s Gardens, please visit: https://smokeysgardens.com/

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Rocky DeLucenay
Smokey’s Gardens

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