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It is official!  After noticing the increase in sounds from the woods now the roar of lawn mowers in the neighborhood is in the air.  What could represent the beginning of time spent outdoors more than that?  At Smokey’s Gardens we have 70 acres to tend so we don’t use the traditional lawn mower approach, but are just as excited to get out there and keep our little corner of the world clean and productive. There is something special about taking care of the land that you are responsible for.  This is an opportunity to literally make the world a better place.

Show Garden 4/23/19

That may be why it is so satisfying when you spend time in the garden.  You know the feeling you get when working in your garden that all is right with the world.  It is a chance to forget all the unpleasantness that the world brings to the door and enjoy the healthy benefits that are present.  Not only do you benefit from the obvious physical exercise, but the ability to work at your own pace and stop and appreciate your work adds to a certain emotional well-being that is sometimes so difficult to find.

Clearing the leaves and dead foliage from the plants as they rise above the ground, separating the clumps of Daylilies that have increased in size over the winter, planting the cultivars that you now have in new locations or back where they came from are all exercises in creating a meditative state that is beneficial to all.  So enjoy your time in the garden and recognize that it is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Remember that it has been said that when you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life.



We have found that the fishtail knife is an excellent tool to separate individual cultivars from a clump.  It has a forked end that makes it easier to separate the individual sections rather than cutting the larger clump in quarters, for example.  They can then be planted with the crown just above ground level for the best results.  Doing this early may not only provide you with flowers this year but will assure that they are well established to get through the winter and begin making even more cultivars for you to have next year.

Daylilies have been said to be the perfect flower.  They are extremely hardy, not subject to most diseases and are beautiful to boot!  They grow just about everywhere and have such a variety of colors, heights, fragrances, bloom times and flowers that there really isn’t anything that can compete.  They are the perfect low-maintenance garden and save the gardener a lot of time and money with a huge personalized reward.

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