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Am I the only one that feels like there is an epic battle between old man winter and mother nature?  While Saturday was beautiful, sunny and warm here in Michigan we woke Sunday to snow covering everything.  Since then it has been raining off and on.  I think mother nature has won the battle and all of her flowers can get on with the growing they want so much to do.

Speaking of April showers bringing May flowers…  It seems we go through this every year as Smokey’s Gardens gets prepared for digging and shipping orders taken over the winter.  The only thing keeping us out of the garden is the mud resulting from long periods of rain.  While the rain is certainly a welcome necessity it often gets in the way of fulfilling all of the cultivars we want to get to you as soon as possible.  Frost is no longer a concern and we know that you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new Daylilies.

Here is how the process works at Smokey’s Gardens; the small buckets are first labeled with the name of the cultivar and the number of those Daylilies that need to be shipped that includes all orders for that specific cultivar.  Once those labels are attached to the bucket they are then delivered to the row where the specific cultivar can be found.

The digger can then satisfy all of the orders of a particular cultivar from that specific location.  If there are not enough in that row to satisfy the orders there are several alternative locations printed on the tag attached to the bucket.  The digger confirms the correct count and quality of the cultivar.

Once the flowers are dug and the required number of cultivars are in the buckets they are then returned to the wash plant where they are stacked before being cleaned, judged for quality and size and put on the drying screen for the packers.

When the flowers are adequately dried they are separated into individual orders (as based on the tagging system mentioned earlier) wrapped and complete orders fulfilled.  The cultivars are again checked for number and size before being packaged.  Most of our customers purchase more than one variety so we want to make sure they know what they are getting and that all of their order has been satisfied.

After the orders are boxed up, once again the contents are compared to the individual order so accuracy is maintained.  As individual cultivars arrive they are added to the customer’s shipping box until the order is completed.  Once confirmed, the box is weighed and sealed, ready to be delivered to the post office.

All of the order, start to finish, is tracked on the computer.

You will notice that everyone is dressed warmly since it is still breezy and damp here.  Everyone has a role to play and we all work together to provide you, our customer, with the best quality and economy in the industry.  We also have Daylilies that are of our own making that cannot be found anywhere else.  Take a look around and you will see why Smokey’s Gardens should be your first choice when it comes to acquiring the best looking and most cost-effective Daylilies available.

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