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It is official!  The Daylilies at Smokey’s Gardens have begun to bloom.  The first blooms came from our Stella de Oro and Black Eyed Stella cultivars.  Here are some photos of the newest blooms in the garden and some pictures of others about to bloom.  We have these two Daylilies in abundance as they are the most popular with landscapers.  If you need volume we have it.  Let the blooming season begin!


The lilacs are in full bloom here in southern Michigan and sending their timeless scent into the air.  The sun is shining and we had our first 80 degree day this past weekend.  Many of the ornamental pear trees are beginning to lose their white flowers.  As attractive as they are they do not last long.  All of the garden flowers are doing well, especially those with vibrant colors residing in the greenhouse.  Geraniums, Gladiolas, Roses, Dahlias and a variety of succulents are kept in the greenhouse.  All of them are very brightly colored and pleasing to the eye.

The circular show garden we have been following is coming along nicely.  There are other garden areas that are being built with rocks to create the borders and having a tree or trees in the center.  Rocks are one thing we have plenty of around here and they make a perfect border.  In addition to the natural beauty of the flowering plants you may have noticed the various berries.  How nice is it to be able to eat the fruit right out of the garden!

The appeal of these Daylilies lies in the promise of an inexpensive, especially hardy flower that demand very little attention that comes in just about as many color combinations as one can imagine.  At Smokeys Gardens we are also increasing our stock of Hostas so we will be able to offer those to our friends in the future.  The Hostas prefer a shady environment as compared to the sun-loving Daylilies.

Tip….The only Daylilies that don’t care for the direct afternoon sun would be those that have dark colors.  They are beautiful but solar heating may cause them to overheat.  They would perform well in an area that gets direct sun in the morning but some shade in the afternoon.

Just like a garden that has Crocus in front since that blooms early, Daffodils and Narcissus that follow in the bloom cycle and Gladiolas that will finish out the garden with their bright, tall flowers after the others have faded away, your planning makes all the difference.  That planning will provide you with color and variety all coming from the same small garden plot throughout the spring and summer.

Perennials are typically chosen where you know the flowers are likely to stay for some time.  Since they increase over the winter it is wise to give them some room to expand.  Annuals can be planted every year to support the variety of flowers and color you want in your garden.

You can experiment with the annuals and see which you like best with the perennials that are established.  The garden becomes a very personal reflection of you and your efforts.  It s also an opportunity to experiment with your designs until you find some you like best.  In some cases you may choose to move them all around until it looks like you imagined it would.

We will be having an open house this year on July 13th.  Consider this your personal invitation.  This is peak time for the blooming Daylilies and it is amazing to see so many different styles and colors all at the same time.  It will also help you decide which plants best suit your needs.  Do you need a white Daylily with a short scape that blooms early?  How about a tall bright red one that re-blooms and becomes a backdrop for the flowers in front?  Are you looking for flowers that have ruffled edges or do you want one with a particular colored throat?  There are many variations available and there is no substitute for checking them out first hand.

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