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There is finally some color in the garden.  In addition to the daffodils and tulips the trees are greening and forming leaves.   The ones that seem to stand out the most are the Redbuds and Bradford Pear trees blooming all around us, a certain sign that the growing season is upon us.  You can see that there has been progress in the garden adjacent to the greenhouse as well as the smaller rock gardens as well as the new show garden.

Alan is spraying for weeds and has some good advice.  We have even planted milkweed for the Monarch butterflies so they can gain some sustenance when they pass through our area.  They and the blooming Daylilies are seemingly cut from the same beautiful cloth.  Both of them are visually delightful.

We have been taking care of the land here in the gardens in a couple of different ways.  This last week we spread new gravel over the roads and driveways.  That has really helped us get around.   With the amount of rain we have been having that can sometimes be difficult.  The roads are in much better shape as a direct result of their better ability to drain off the standing water.  That leads us to the second major change.  The diggers are using golf carts to make their way around the gardens and that has far less of an impact on the roads as compared to driving pickup trucks like we have in the past.

We are still pushing to fulfill the orders taken over the winter.  We have a specialty tractor attachment that digs large amounts of cultivars when we need them.  You can see the tractor digging, the dirt coming off the plants and someone picking them up and loading them in a barrel here. We still have diggers spread out and fulfilling smaller orders on a first-come first-served basis.

Here at Smokey’s gardens we have over 2,000 different cultivars available and that does not include our own hybrids.  Our systems allow us to ship 100 orders a day easily.  That can translate into as many as 5,000 individual fans and hundreds of different varieties shipped every day.  Fear not!  We are gathering and shipping this backlog of orders just as fast as the weather will allow.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Did you know that May is skin cancer awareness month?  While you are enjoying the many health benefits of working in your outdoor garden it is wise to protect yourself.  It is a good reminder to wear sunblock on exposed skin and use that big, floppy hat to further protect your face.  Statistics show that one person in five will have to deal with skin cancer in their lifetime.  Even melanoma, which is considered to be the most dangerous, can have a good outcome if it is detected early.

Above all, enjoy your time in the garden!

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