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We have a new and interesting change to our parking lot this year.

Much of the facility has been expanded so we can support more people and fulfill more orders efficiently on a daily basis.

Here is a quick look around the larger 70 acres planted with Daylilies.

Here are several people in the field doing the initial prep work on the newly dug Daylilies.

Here is Derrick plowing and preparing another section of the many areas that will be planted soon.

This is our new observation garden and greenhouse.

This image is one of our extra early Daylilies, one of the first to bloom in the garden, called Yellow Bouquet.

Our latest newsworthy event is the acquisition of another 20 acres to add to the farm.

That brings us to a total of 90 acres altogether. Going forward I will try to focus on a single aspect of what is going on in the Gardens. Until then, be sure to relax for some “me time” in your garden whenever you have the opportunity.

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