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It’s official! Smokey’s Gardens is now able to utilize our standard procedures in shipping. That means there are no orders taken before this season began that are not shipped. Our standard is to ship flowers on the business day following the business day we receive the order. That means if you order on Monday we will ship Tuesday and provide you with tracking information at that time. We still offer free shipping on all orders over $75.00 and a 30 day money back guarantee. We will also replace or credit any plants that fail to survive for a period of one year from the date of receipt.

So for today’s tour we will again start with the Stella de Oro Daylilies. They have many more blooming flowers than we saw last week.

Next up we have the Black Eyed Stella. They have an even larger percentage of blooming flowers.

Next we visit the Yellow Bouquet Daylily. There are fewer in bloom but they are not far behind the Stellas.

This fragrant and early re-bloomer is named Patterns.

This next video shows buckets in the field waiting to be filled with your orders.

Next we move on to the show gardens to show how they have changed in a week. Followed by some of the blooming Hydrangeas. Then another view of the garden taken from the back of the garden.

More video and plants other than Daylilies showing how annuals are used to add color around the perennials that make up the foundation of the plants in the garden. The banana tree is the central focus in the large circular garden. Marigolds are an easy annual to plant and add a great deal of color to the garden. They come in many sizes and colors to compliment the Daylilies and other Perennials you have. And just for fun here is a hanging basket that I thought was special. These flowers are called Million Bells, Calibrachoa, and is a trailing red flower with a yellow center. I was struck by how much it looks like the hummingbird feeder next to it on the deck. Oddly enough the hummingbirds will pass up the real flower and head over to the feeder every time.

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