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Another rainy day. While it may be gray and overcast outside the Daylilies certainly like it. I was told this week that we have not had three days straight without rain since January. That sounds about right. Some of those rains were slight but most of them delivered more than we needed. Of course there were those days and nights where we had strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning.

Weeds seem to always show up where there is nice soil. The good news is that they are easier to control with good soil. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the color they bring rather than looking at them as unruly interlopers.

Next on our weekly tour are some early blooming Yellow Bouquet Daylilies. These started blooming last week and continue to do so in larger numbers.

Here is a pretty orange flower that is also an early bloomer.

There are always the sounds of bullfrogs and birds surrounding our pond. It sounds like they are saying all is right in their own little world.

Here is a tour of several of our show gardens that show what can be accomplished by mixing annuals with the perennials and surrounding plantings with stones to define individual areas of the garden. Continuing our tour we see several other plantings. Notice how each of them use different configurations and plants. They are clearly different even if they do share some plants with the other gardens. This should be giving you some ideas that you can use in your own garden.

Select the colors that you like and see how they look with contrasting colors and other plants. The idea is to make the garden interesting. That can be done easily by including some unusual annuals with your more traditional perennials. There is a good example in the video below. As well as a shot of the center of the circular gardens with the banana tree in the center. There are two planting with a similar theme but different flowers. Remember that the Hostas are always a good choice in shady areas. And one last view of an elongated planting with lots of color.


June is also National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month as well as National Men’s Health Month. I suspect there is a correlation between the two. National Dairy Month and National Country Cooking Month seem to fill out the menu. Those all seem to go together nicely don’t you think?

Don’t forget that Smokey’s Gardens is having our open house this year on July 13th . It will be fun for the whole family and it’s free! I hope to see you there.

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