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After being without power for several days and no Internet for a full 8 days it’s nice to be back in the modern world and functioning at 100%.  Issues of this sort have a way of making one appreciate those things we often take for granted.  Luckily we had no problem digging flowers and satisfying orders during that time.  We have arrived at the point where we are working on the orders taken most recently.  We are hoping to be completely caught up soon as long as the threat of rain doesn’t keep us from getting in the garden.

Let’s take stock of the garden starting with the ever-popular Stella De Oro and the Black Eyed Stella Daylilies.  Located at the far north end of the property, the opposite end from the show gardens, these are the largest plantings of a single cultivar that we have since they are the landscapers favorite.  They have the added advantage of both being early bloomers and re-bloomers.  That means there are blooms throughout the summer with both of these cultivars.  No wonder they are so popular.



The only potential downside to this is that they get so much attention many other beautiful Daylilies go unnoticed.  The amazing variety of these cultivars is one reason they are so much fun.  Hardy and inexpensive, Daylilies come in an assortment of colors, bloom times, heights.  Some even bloom at night while others have fragrant flowers.  Talk about options!  Consideration of these attributes allows a gardener to choose the ideal flower to express their own gardening style that is unlike any other.

Moving through the fields we see many more rows of Daylilies that are yet to bloom.


Working our way to the show gardens on the south end of the property we see a show garden is in process but coming right along.


The circular show garden that was started earlier this year is ready to grow.


The large round pink flower you see is a Hydrangea.  This next video shows the many varieties of  Hostas we are growing.


We have some areas that are in need of separation.  We will dig them up and plant the individual cultivars after they are separated from the dense clumps.


Taking a look outside the greenhouse the Roses immediately caught my eye.


Every plant is growing rapidly and looking strong and healthy.  To really get a sense of their quality you really have to see them for yourself.  Consider this your personal invitation to join us on July 13th from 9 am to 3 pm when we have our open house.

You will be able to ride in an air-conditioned bus as it navigates its way through the gardens.  There are port a-potties available as well as large tents to get out of the sun and drink some water or lemonade.  There will be a DJ and Popsicle’s for the kids (and adults).  We will be cooking and serving hot dogs and chips with the drinks.  The kids can get their face painted or choose to blow bubbles that we will provide.  Games and balloons are included, all at no cost to you.  Everything a family needs to enjoy a no cost day outside.  I promise, you will be impressed seeing the fields of Daylilies in full bloom.  Put the date on your calendar now and don’t miss this annual event.  I hope to see you there.

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