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There has been a lot of action in Smokey land this week. We are fulfilling orders at the same time we prepare for the open house this weekend. The Daylilies and Hostas are reaching their peak and the gardens are alive with color. This is when we can identify any flowers that may be out of place in the garden since the only time to really tell is when they are in bloom.

On top of that we are correcting some drainage issues. Here in southern Michigan the land is very flat from the glaciers scraping the ground on their movement south. That means that almost any low spot is likely to turn into a pond without adequate drainage. The equipment used to install the drain piping is pretty amazing. Here is what it looks like when you have the right equipment for the job.

And here is a focus on the main piece of equipment.

You can bet the Daylilies approve.

There are a lot of photos at the end of this post that you may wish to view.

Here are a couple of unusual photos I took while preparing this. The first one is a perfectly camouflaged frog just sitting on my deck. I was able to get right next to him and he didn’t move since he was so confident he was well hidden. The next are a couple of Sand Hill Cranes that were crossing the road on my way home. At first I thought they were turkey hens but they were much too lanky and didn’t seem to be quite as stocky as a turkey.

Enjoy your summer to the fullest!

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