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Our annual open house this past weekend was well attended and a tremendous success. Young and old alike came to Coldwater to see the Daylilies in bloom. Many took advantage of the one-day special price we had for clumps of Daylilies. You may also notice in the photos below that there were stations where we explained the process of getting your order to shipping it out. The shipping station was also where we passed out a free Daylily to everyone. The weather cooperated, even though it was warm, not unlike a typical mid-July day, and the flowers did their part. Many of our visitors commented about how overwhelming and difficult it was to imagine the scope of seeing 70 acres of Daylilies in full bloom. The Blue Angel Hostas and many others were in full bloom and really made the show garden area special.

You will notice that the shuttle stopped at several location on the route and visitors could get out and walk or choose to take a leisurely stroll through the show gardens. There were many varieties of annuals mixed in with the perennials to demonstrate an inclusive and interesting garden design. These beautiful gardens require very little maintenance in the future. Investing in a hardy perennial such as these Daylilies pays dividends going forward. All the hard work is done and it’s time to enjoy the beauty they represent. Here are the photos taken at the open house last Saturday. If I took your picture be sure to check it out.

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