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Welcome to the Smokey’s Gardens weekly blog. The goal is to let you see how we operate and show you what is growing around here. The weather feels more like September than the last 10 days of August. It is in the 80’s during most days here recently and as low as the 50’s at night. That contributes to the foggy mornings and the autumn feel.

I am happy to announce that we finally got the downpour we were looking for. The soil here is quite sandy so it wasn’t long after the rain that we were able to get in the fields and keep digging up orders for Daylilies. I hope that you saw we will be cutting our season short in order to get sufficient numbers of our most popular Daylilies for shipping next year. That is also the reason you may have noticed fewer varieties available for sale. Don’t worry, this is a normal occurrence and it will assure your ability to get the ones you want.

Here is a secret that few know. If you are one of the first to order Daylilies after we have stopped shipping for the season your name goes to the top of the list. The first orders that are placed after we stop shipping for the season are the first to ship when we are up and running again next year. What many don’t realize is that once you have placed that early order you can add to it throughout the winter and not lose you place in line. That’s right, you can order up until we start shipping normally next year and your complete order will ship without losing your place in line. That is your secret reward for reading my blog posts :).

You may have noticed by now that I enjoy all of the flowers, not just the daylilies. One of the things that catches my eye most frequently are the wild flowers that line the roads around here. Here are several that I have seen this week.

Here are a few random shots I have taken.

Let’s take a short walk through several of the smaller show gardens again, rather than the rows upon rows of Daylilies that you have seen previously. They are still there but there are also many newly plowed areas just waiting for the Daylilies that have been dug up to be prepared for the planter, just waiting for Metal tags reflect the name and location for each row. Each barrel that was dug up for replanting has a plastic tag attached to it and every basket with plants ready to go are also labeled individually in order for the planting to begin. We are careful to keep tags identifying the individual cultivars so we have an accurate inventory and you get the Daylily you want.

I was able to get some more additional videos of the machinery at work here and have included those here.

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