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Going into the second week of August the weather around here has actually been very pleasant. While it may get into the mid 80’s during the day, the nights may fall as low as the mid 50’s. We finally got some rain on Tuesday for the flowers. I know they have been looking for it for a week or so. I don’t see any plants suffering but they sure do perk up after a rain.

One thing we do about this time of year is dig up our larger clumps of Daylilies and decide whether we want to keep that specific variety or introduce a new one. Once we have a new cultivar we may have to keep it for years until we have sufficient quantities to offer them for sale. So, the first step is to mow the rows we intend to dig the flowers from. That keeps us from having to do quite so much top trimming of the plants before we separate the individual cultivars and prepare them for planting. Here is a panorama view of blooming Daylilies.

If you look closely you will see where rows of flowers have been removed. When the digger attachment to the tractor has turned up the clumps from the ground they are put in barrels and transported to the walk-in cooler. The next step is to “chop” them so they will pass through the planter. We then take the prepared cultivars and place them in milk crates so they can be efficiently loaded in the planter. After the soil is plowed and stakes driven, the crates and two people are loaded on the planter to do their work. It is actually very rewarding to see new plants introduced to the soil again to grow for another season before they are harvested.

Lets go back to the show garden and have and see how it looks going into the middle of August. I suppose you can tell how much I enjoy a simple walk through the garden.

I hope you and your garden are doing well. A little attention and plenty of water will go a long way, that goes for the both of you. Enjoy these summer days while they last. Spend time in your garden relaxing there whenever you have a chance. Remember that there will be times when you will not be able to enjoy it the way you can now. Teach your children to love a garden, it will pay dividends in their lives as it has in yours. Sometimes that peace and tranquility your garden provides will be in short supply and your garden will always be there for you. The more you tend it the more joy it can provide. Here’s looking to your improved physical and mental health courtesy of your garden.

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