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Welcome to the Autumn of 2019!

Cooler days and nights are welcome after the warm and dry summer days. By the way, I hope everyone has enjoyed these weekly posts as much as I have over this past season. It has been my pleasure keeping you up to date with the changes going on at Smokey’s Gardens, however this will be my last regular, weekly blog post. I will continue to post from time to time but the content will likely be of a more technical nature rather than the walks through the gardens that we have done so often. It is easy to look back on the images of the Daylilies in full bloom and appreciate how attractive all the flowers can be. If you are interested in seeing some of the posts with the content from earlier in the year you can click here.

There have been many improvements around the farm this year and I have made an effort to document them and share them with you. Over this past year you have seen the new Hostas that we intend to offer, the show gardens as they were designed and planted and how our systems work for digging the cultivars and shipping them. You have seen videos of the tilling and planting operations and the people it takes to make it all work smoothly. Various improvements this year include the installation of a new well, updated irrigation methods and through this blog you have seen photos of many flowers and weeds alike. The videos and photos also include many of the annuals that we have planted among the fruit trees and Daylilies in the show gardens.

In short, it has been great working in the garden capturing the images of the flowers at the height of their colorful lives. As a bonus for anyone interested, here is a compilation video that describes the history of Smokey’s Gardens. It was taken when the flowers were in full bloom so it is very colorful. There is a short section of bloopers from those videos followed by drone footage taken during our annual open house. If you have not had a chance to see us please keep in touch and make arrangements to visit when we have our next open house in 2020.

Don’t forget that as soon as we stop shipping at the end of this month we will continue to take orders that will be shipped in the spring. The first orders we take after October 1st will be the first orders to be shipped out next year. Remember that if you choose to add more to your initial order you will not lose your place in line. You can rest assured that the Daylilies purchased here are hardy enough to weather cold winters since they were grown here in Michigan. If you are in an area where the winters are severe you should not be concerned when you buy from us.

Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for specials as they are offered with some regularity. Here’s hoping you have a great autumn and winter and that your garden provides you with joy next year as it comes into it’s own from your efforts taken this year.

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