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You can tell Spring is here by the noises coming from the woods at Smokey’s Gardens.  It’s as though there is a regular celebration taking place out there as evidenced by the seemingly overnight increase in volume.  Watching the daylilies break through the ground reminds us that winter is done, we survived it and have most of the year ahead of us to enjoy the garden and the flowers that are to be found there.

At Smokey’s Gardens we have performed the regular winter maintenance in preparation for our “opening day”.  In May we will begin shipping orders that were taken since the weather stopped us this last Autumn.  We share your excitement in anticipation of enjoying the beauty these daylilies provide.

Tip: Clear old foliage (stalks and stems) away from the new growth so the sun can reach the plants and warm the earth so they can get established and grow as rapidly as possible. 

We did do some major repairs required for the tractors to be ready.  Our mainstay, the International Farmall 706 that we use for tilling, had the transmission rebuilt last year and the engine this past winter.  With new tires our workhorse is ready to hit the dirt!  We have also rebuilt the transmission and engine on the International Farmall 506, a smaller version of the same tractor.  Interestingly enough, this tractor is the very one that Kevin, one of the owners at Smokey’s, used at 10 years old when he went to work on a pig farm.

Alan has designed two new circular beds and is in the early stages of preparation having tilled the area and drawn the circles.  Rocks will be used to define the plantings much like you see in other beds.

Other preparations include getting the shipping house ready to go by setting up the computer, scales,  and general spring cleaning.  We feel and share your excitement as we look forward to another year of providing the best product at the lowest price for our many customers.  Take a look at our offerings, we are confident you will find something that you like.







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