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The award season is here. The Grammys, Oscars and many others are announced and celebrated during the first few months of the year. However, movie stars and musical artists are not the only recipients of high honors for their work. Daylilies and hybridizers are also recognized for excellence.

The American Daylily Society acknowledges over 40 different award categories, ranging from media, photography, flower shows and of course the best daylilies. What are some of the awards? Here are a few of the prestigious honors:

Honorable Mention: This is the Society’s first official stamp of approval beyond the local or regional level.

Award of Merit: Honors cultivars that are both distinctive and beautiful and have proven to be good performers over a wide geographic area.

Stout Silver Medal: The highest honor a cultivar can be awarded. One daylily variety per year receives this award.

If you would like more information on how to submit a cultivar or wish to view past winners of the above awards and others given by the American Daylily Society visit the award section here.

Wondering where you can find award-winning daylilies for your garden? Smokey’s Gardens carries numerous award-winning daylilies including:

Bela Lugosi:

1998 Honorable Mention, 2001 Award of Merit, 2007 Lenington All American Award



Elegant Candy:

1998 Honorable Mention, 2000 Annie T. Giles Award, 2001 Award of Merit




1971 Junior Citation, 1973 Honorable Mention, 1976 Award of Merit



White Eyes Pink Dragon:

2010 Honorable Mention, 2013 Award of Merit, 2014 Lambert/Webster Award



Strawberry Candy:

1993 Honorable Mention, 1994 Annie T. Giles Award, 1995 Don C. Stevens Award, 1996 Award of Merit, 1998 Stout Silver Medal




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