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Dianthus Venti Parfait Blueberry Eye


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Product Details

Seeds per packet: 10

Dianthus Venti Parfait Blueberry Eye is a captivating flower that promises to be the star of your garden or decorative container. With its scientific roots in Dianthus chinensis, this unique variety blooms profusely from late spring through late summer, boasting oversized, 2-inch ruffled flowers with a mesmerizing blueberry eye. Its compact, mounded yet upright growth habit makes it perfect for small containers, color bowls, and garden beds alike. With a height and width of 8-10 inches, it offers a moderate space commitment, while being hardy and versatile enough for full sun exposure. As an added bonus, this plant is a magnet for pollinators like bees and butterflies, yet deer tend to leave it alone. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, the Dianthus Venti Parfait Blueberry Eye is a low-maintenance, high-impact addition to your outdoor space.


  • Scientific Name: Dianthus chinensis
  • Blooming Season: Prolific bloomer from late spring to late summer
  • Plant Habit: Compact, mounded, and upright growth ideal for smaller spaces
  • Eye-catching Blooms: Features 2-inch mega-sized, ruffled flowers with a distinct blueberry eye
  • Pollinator Friendly: Attracts bees and butterflies to your garden
  • Deer Resistant: Less likely to be bothered by deer, making it a practical choice for various environments
  • Water Requirements: Medium, not overly demanding for water
  • Size: Grows to a manageable 8-10 inches in both height and width
  • Sun Exposure: Thrives in full sun, offering flexibility in planting locations
  • Multi-purpose: Perfect for small containers, color bowls, and garden beds
  • Retail Appeal: Aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for, making it a popular choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Product Categories

Height: 0-12 Inches
Life Cycle: Annual
Water Needs: Average
Use: Bee Garden, Butterfly Garden, Containers, Landscaping
Plant Species: Flowers
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Bloom Season: Late Spring, Late Summer, Summer
Planting Season: Spring, Summer

Planting & Care Instructions

Please visit our planting instructions page here: Planting & Care Instructions


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