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Malva Zebrina


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Product Details

Seeds per packet: 30

Malva Zebrina, also known as Tall Mallow, High Mallow, and French Mallow, is a cherished heirloom plant with a rich history, famously grown in President Thomas Jefferson’s garden at Monticello. This perennial gem offers a stunning display of blossoms, featuring deep violet veining on lavender-pink petals. Notably, it serves as a preferred host plant for the Painted Lady butterfly, making it a delightful addition to your garden, providing a habitat for egg-laying and nourishing emerging caterpillars. Standing tall at up to 48 inches, this plant boasts lush green foliage stalks that beautifully complement its blooms. Malva Zebrina self-sows freely and can thrive as a short-lived perennial or biennial, even enduring harsh winters down to zone 3.


Product Features:

  • Historic heirloom plant, favored in President Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello garden.
  • Exceptional tonal array with deep violet veining on lavender-pink petals.
  • Ideal host plant for the Painted Lady butterfly, supporting their lifecycle.
  • Lush green foliage adds aesthetic appeal to your garden.
  • Self-sowing for easy propagation.
  • Non-toxic and commonly used in herbal medicine for its mucilage content.
  • Suitable for poultices on skin problems and edible leaves.
  • Harvestable when mature with a long vase life.
  • Thrives in various lighting conditions, from full sun to partial sun.
  • Resilient perennial, biennial, or short-lived perennial.
  • Adaptable to a range of moisture and climate conditions.
  • Attracts beneficial insects and friendly pollinators.
  • Perfect for cut flower arrangements and landscape beautification.

Product Categories

Height: 0-12 Inches
Life Cycle: Annual
Water Needs: Average
Use: Bee Garden, Containers, Cut Flowers, Landscaping
Bloom Season: Early Summer, Fall
Planting Season: Fall
Plant Species: Flowers
Light Requirements: Full Sun

Planting & Care Instructions

Please visit our planting instructions page here: Planting & Care Instructions


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