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Marigold Super Hero Harmony


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Product Details

Seeds per packet: 55

The next generation of marigold excellence with Super Hero Harmony. Radiating with spectacularly uniform and early blossoming flowers, this gem stands out with its distinct bicolor patterns. Its compact plant habit ensures a neat garden display, making it a sublime fit for varied uses. Adaptable to heat and donned with a clean, crested floral design, Super Hero Harmony is not just another flower—it’s the epitome of botanical brilliance tailored for modern gardening needs.


Product Features:

  • Next-Gen Marvel: Stepping up the gardening game with advanced features and appeal.
  • Uniform Blooming: Consistent and early flower timing ensures a synchronized garden spectacle.
  • Distinct Bicolors: Offers a unique combination of colors for an enhanced aesthetic.
  • Compact Growth: Achieves a harmonious balance at a height and width of approximately 7 inches.
  • Heat Tolerance: Remains resilient and radiant even under scorching sun.
  • Seamless Floral Design: Exhibits a clean and stable crested flower pattern.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for packs, pots, mixed containers, and landscapes.
  • Easy Germination: Expect radicle emergence in a mere 2-3 days.
  • Precise Growing Guidelines: Detailed sowing method and moisture levels provided for optimal growth.
  • Temperature Adaptability: Thrives in a range of temperatures, promoting flower initiation at 64-68 °F.
  • Balanced Fertilization: Recommendations provided for a balanced nutrient supply, ensuring healthy growth.

With Super Hero Harmony, you’re not just planting a seed, you’re cultivating a future garden masterpiece.

Product Categories

Height: 0-12 Inches
Life Cycle: Annual
Water Needs: Average
Use: Bee Garden, Containers, Cut Flowers, Erosion Control, Ground Cover, Landscaping
Bloom Season: Early Summer, Fall, Late Summer
Planting Season: Fall
Plant Species: Flowers
Light Requirements: Full Sun

Planting & Care Instructions

Please visit our planting instructions page here: Planting & Care Instructions


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