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Coreopsis SunKiss


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Product Details

Seeds per packet: 30

Introducing Coreopsis SunKiss, a radiant and enchanting perennial that brings a touch of sunshine and warmth to your garden. The ‘SunKiss’ variety of Coreopsis showcases a delightful display of blooms that exudes the spirit of a sun-kissed day. With their cheerful colors and abundant flowering, ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis becomes a charming addition to borders, wildflower gardens, and sunny landscapes. These flowers embody the joy of sunlight, transforming your outdoor space into a haven of vibrant beauty and natural delight.

Product Features:

  • Cheerful Blooms: The hallmark of Coreopsis ‘SunKiss’ is its cheerful and inviting blooms that capture the essence of a sun-kissed smile. Each bloom radiates with hues that evoke the warmth of a sunny embrace.
  • Lively Color Palette: ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis boasts a range of cheerful colors, from sunny yellows and buttery golds to soft oranges and warm reds. This diverse palette allows you to create joyful and welcoming compositions that celebrate the playfulness of nature.
  • Abundant Flowering: ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis is celebrated for its generous flowering habit. It produces an abundance of charming blooms that grace your garden with color throughout the growing season, creating a vibrant tapestry of petals.
  • Compact Growth: With a compact and tidy growth habit, ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis is an excellent choice for borders, mass plantings, and containers. Its neat form ensures it adds charm and color without overwhelming the space.
  • Attracts Pollinators: The nectar-rich blooms of ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to the health of your garden ecosystem and enhancing the vitality of your outdoor space.
  • Low Maintenance: ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis is known for its easy-going nature once established. It thrives in sunny locations and well-draining soil, making it a reliable choice for gardeners seeking both beauty and simplicity.
  • Long-Lasting Blooms: The blooms of ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis not only brighten your garden but also hold their vibrant colors for an extended period, ensuring a continuous display of beauty and cheer.
  • Scientific Name: ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis belongs to the genus Coreopsis and is known scientifically as Coreopsis grandiflora.
  • Radiant Joy: ‘SunKiss’ Coreopsis infuses your garden with a touch of radiant joy, transforming it into a haven of sunny delight.


Plant Information:

  • Scientific Name: Coreopsis grandiflora
  • Common Name: Tickseed
  • Hardiness Zone: 4a – 9b
  • Blooming Season: Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer
  • Plant Habit: Upright
  • Spacing: 20″ (51cm)
  • Height: 12 – 14″ (30 – 36cm)
  • Width: 14 – 16″ (36 – 41cm)
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Seed supplied as: Primed.
  • Plug crop time: 5 to 7 weeks
  • Transplant to finish: 9 to 10 weeks

Product Categories

Height: 13-24 Inches
Use: Bee Garden, Butterfly Garden, Containers, Ground Cover, Landscaping
Resistance: Deer, Drought, Heat, Rabbit
Bloom Season: Early Summer, Late Spring, Late Summer, Summer
Plant Species: Flowers
Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Water Needs: Low
Life Cycle: Perennial
Planting Season: Spring, Summer

Planting & Care Instructions

Please visit our planting instructions page here: Planting & Care Instructions


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