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Tangerine Twilight Daylily Collection



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Product Details

Tangerine Twilight Daylily Collection

A Symphony of Sunset Hues

At the heart of the Tangerine Twilight Daylily Collection lies a captivating array of blooms that mirror the hues of a setting sun. These daylilies boast the radiant tangerine tones that mark the transition from day to dusk, and their petals glow as if lit by the last rays of sunlight. Each blossom unfolds like a painter’s brushstroke, evoking the fleeting magic of twilight’s embrace.


  • Tangerine Tones: The hallmark feature of the Tangerine Twilight Collection is its captivating array of blooms showcasing warm tangerine hues. These daylilies emulate the radiant shades that grace the sky during twilight, creating a stunning visual display that mirrors the magic of transitioning from day to night.
  • Diverse Flower Forms: The collection encompasses a variety of flower forms, from classic singles to ruffled doubles. Each cultivar’s unique form adds depth and texture to the overall composition, allowing for a harmonious blend of shapes and sizes.
  • Sunset-inspired Palette: The sunset-inspired color palette evokes a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and tranquility. These blooms capture the essence of a setting sun, filling the garden with a sense of calm and wonder.
  • Extended Bloom Period: Just as twilight unfolds gradually, the Tangerine Twilight daylilies offer an extended period of bloom. Each individual flower may last a day, but the procession of buds ensures a continuous display of tangerine beauty throughout the growing season.
  • Symbolism of Transition: The collection symbolizes the transition from day to night, capturing the beauty of life’s fleeting moments and the harmony found in embracing change.
  • Attracts Attention: The vibrant tangerine blooms are bound to catch the eye of anyone who beholds them, creating a focal point that stands out in the garden landscape.
  • Versatile Landscaping: Daylilies are versatile plants that can be integrated into various garden designs, from cottage gardens to modern landscapes. The Tangerine Twilight Collection adds a touch of vibrant elegance to a range of outdoor spaces.
  • Nature’s Palette: These daylilies paint the garden with the colors of twilight, inviting observers to witness the beauty of nature’s artistic palette and the captivating journey from daylight to dusk.

Product Categories

Use: Bee Garden, Erosion Control, Landscaping
Categories: Collection
Resistance: Deer, Drought, Heat
Bloom Season: Early Spring, Early Summer, Spring, Summer
Plant Species: Flowers
Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Water Needs: Low
Life Cycle: Perennial
Planting Season: Spring, Summer

Planting & Care Instructions

Please visit our planting instructions page here: Planting & Care Instructions


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