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Tithonia Goldfinger


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Product Details

Seeds per packet: 85

Tithonia Goldfinger, a gardening enthusiast’s dream come true. Dive into the world of vibrant sun-kissed yellows with this exquisite variety of Tithonia. Perfect for creating a luminous show in your garden or patio, Tithonia Goldfinger promises robust growth and mesmerizing hues that capture the essence of golden summer days. Whether you’re looking to attract pollinators or simply wish to brighten up your space, Tithonia Goldfinger is the quintessential pick for any garden haven.


Product Features:

  • Sun-Kissed Yellow Blooms: Radiant yellow flowers that act as a natural magnet for bees, butterflies, and admirers alike.
  • Robust Growth: Sturdy and resilient, perfect for both novice and seasoned gardeners.
  • Drought Tolerant: Less water, more beauty. Ideal for areas with limited rainfall.
  • Perfect for Borders and Beds: Makes a statement in garden beds, borders, or as a standalone specimen.
  • Long Blooming Period: Enjoy a prolonged season of color and vibrancy.
  • Natural Pest Deterrent: Fewer worries with its ability to deter certain garden pests.
  • Easy to Cultivate: User-friendly planting and care requirements, making it an easy addition to any garden.

Product Categories

Life Cycle: Annual
Water Needs: Average
Use: Bee Garden, Butterfly Garden, Containers, Landscaping
Bloom Season: Early Fall, Early Summer, Fall, Late Fall, Late Summer, Summer
Planting Season: Fall, Summer
Plant Species: Flowers
Light Requirements: Full Shade
Height: Over 37 inches

Planting & Care Instructions

Please visit our planting instructions page here: Planting & Care Instructions


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